Bondholders are entitled to a platinum or gold card depending on the value of bonds held. Bondholders having a nominal bonds value in excess of €10,000 are entitled to a Platinum Card whilst bondholders having less than €10,000 are entitled to a Gold Card. Such cards will offer the bondholder a number of benefits which can be redeemed across the AX Group hotels and restaurants.

The bondholder is required to contact the Malta Stock Exchange in writing and the latter shall handle the matter.

Heirs of the deceased bondholder are to contact their notary. Malta Stock Exchange will then assign/transfer bonds in line with the direction given by the notary.

AX Investments plc bonds are quoted on the Malta Stock Exchange and therefore a bond holder can dispose of the AX Investments plc 6% bonds through his/her financial intermediary.

It is recommended to seek advice from your local stock broker prior trading on the Malta Stock Exchange.

All interest payments (and subsequently bond redemption sum) are credited into the designated bank account at the time of application. Should anyone wish to change the bank account number he/she must inform Malta Stock exchange in writing.

Interest is paid yearly in arrears on the 6th March. Payment of interest will be made to a person in whose name such bond is registered at the close of business fifteen days prior to the interest payment date.

Bonds will be redeemed at their nominal value on the 6th March 2024.