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Our Story


The Company was set up in 2001 with the intention of acting as the finance and investment arm of the AX Group. The first such transaction undertaken by the Company was the issue of a bond required for the development of one of the Group’s projects, the Verdala Mansions in Rabat, Malta.

Company Notifications

AX Investments p.l.c., which was formed on 17 January 2001 with the name Verdala Finance p.l.c., is a public limited liability company domiciled in Malta, registered in terms of the Companies Act with Company Registration number C 27586.

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Board of Directors

Today the AX Group employs in excess of 1000 people and specializes in four sectors: construction, development, hospitality and care. We employ people from all walks of life and the skill sets vary considerably.

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Financial Statements

The company is economically dependant on AX Holdings Limited. An object ancillary to this primary purpose of the Company is the taking on lease, exchange or acquisition of movable or immovable property, raising of capital and the advancing thereof to members of the AX Group.

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